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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Start with a Strong Production Card”

I have found that the key to this game is to start with the highest value production card that you can get. The Silver mine or the Coffee prodecer will yeild the best return of cards that are so important to gaining the advantage early in the game. Without these high producers at the earliest time you will quickly fall behind in building up your city before your opponent does. Without these building values you could be left with significant point shortfalls.

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“"Card Income is the Key to Victory"”

Having plenty of cards in hand at any given point in the game is the key to victory. Early tactical choices should focus on putting buildings into play that will insure a steady income of cards. There are several paths by which this can be achieved and can, thus, be incorporated into any overall strategy.

I prefer to put in place buildings that increase my cards on other players’ turns, thus freeing up my own turns for more focused actions. This includes such things as the Black Market and the Prefecture.

A selection of production- and/or trade-enhancing buildings is also a strong choice, as it can free you from having to choose the Production and/or Trader roles while granting you the equivalent of those roles’ privileges when other players choose them.

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“The computer plays low cost blitz”

AI players seem to prefer to buy low cost properties and basically will race you to the 12th structure.

However, they will often cease building if you have 8 or more cards – they seem to believe that making you discard a single card is sufficient reason to abandon their strategy. Anyhow, you can often times avoid a build action by holding 8 cards (and you are likely to get a 9th card since the Councillor role is often used).

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