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“Wandering Zombies”

We felt that the ‘run’ icon is far less useful than the others, unless you use it on Zone 3 (cause if not you are only leaving the problem for later, while a gun o a bat will eliminate the problem directly), and so it was always a ‘this will be rerolled for sure’ (unless some game event demands the result, like a follower)
On the other way, we found little interaction between the players than we would have liked.

So we house ruled that any time a Zombie moves back from Zone 3 (from the ‘run’ result on the die or any other event) instead of removing to stock you place that Zombie on another player’s Zone 3.

This add up a little more interaction between players and empowers a little the ‘run’ icon.

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“Subtle increase in difficulty”

By the rules, zombies that attack you are removed from the board. Don’t remove them and you’ve got a slight increase in difficulty without really changing the complexion of the game.

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