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“Don't Just Ready Your Dagger - Build a Guild”

Hi…I’m MYTH – the fast, furious, button mashing Dungeon Crawl that can swat you like a fly under my intimidating rule book. 🙂

A good adventuring party doesn’t just ready their daggers – they ready to ready their daggers – here’s some tips on how to approach the game so it is an immersive experience and doesn’t turn into a ‘Myth Adventure’ 😉

*There’s a learning curve – expect that
There’s quite a bit to digest before your first game of MYTH – take your time and get it down – but once you get the hang of it – things feel pretty intuitive

*Choose your own Adventure (examples)
The rules can use a few more sidebars and round examples – as you delve through the rules keep a few cards at the ready so you can examine and example hands on. It’s better to ‘see’ what they mean than read it.

*Start Small
A small little quest is good practice (See @Paladin’s Starter Quest link tip) – get ready to sort of clunk through a dry run, learning to make those characters dance

* Take those characters for a test drive
A little experimenting can go along way. The character play styles are very varied and suit different gamers better than others. Experiment with the characters and see who fits you best. Give the Acolyte a whirl , but you may discover you have the heart of a Brigand.

* Party On!
MYTH is not a game to plunk on the table for a little light gaming. The vast chained quests, acts, and story arcs lend themselves to Guild Play. For Pathfinder ACG we created a Pathfinder Six Guild among our game worthy friends. We did a few dry runs, everyone got a feel for the game, then we all choose our own characters and get together once or twice a month as a party to play an adventure or two. We feel like a group and we game like a party. Myth lends itself to that same mentality of play. Learn the rules as a group, have a couple of dry runs, and then build a MYTH Guild. You can have a fun dungeon running RPG experience on your tabletop as you and your friends strive to be experts in your character niches and hit those chain quest and story acts in module form. Play as group and feel like a party. Dance the dance of cards and dice.

Become Myth Legends! 😉

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“Start Small, Think Big”

MYTH can be frustrating to first-time players if thrown into the deep end, with its many arcane rules and sub-systems.

Start with the sample Starting Quest scenario located at:

Familiarize yourself, and any newbies to the game, with the rules by trying a few quick encounters with hunting packs and traps that this scenario provides, THEN dive head first into swarms of monsters and mini-bosses!

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“Get the updated resources”

Before even start to try your first sesion, go to the Megaon site and get a handfull of updated documents that will be more than useful on your way into Myth.

– Inside the Fury of the Fireborne you will find a 1.1 version of the rules, incomplete but helpful (not perfect, but better organized than the book in the box), and all the character cards in a new format, easier to use and with corrected texts.

(I hate to have to print that cards, and put into the sleeves covering the originals… but the result is not so bad)

– The FAQ and Errata document is of course a must.

– There is also some videos, for which a quick view could help to get the taste before messing up.

Also in our test session each of the five players took responsability on understanding how his character worked and then explaining to the other players while making actions. That made the game slower, but now all of us could approach to play with any character (and start to learn to optimize its decks)

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“Journeyman Kickstarter ending soon!”

Hey everyone! Just about 4 hours left in the MYTH: Journeyman campaign!

We’ve unlocked 7 add-on modules and are going for an 8th. We’ve unlocked two brand new classes: the Monk and the Alchemist. We’ve got several new enemy types including slimes, nagas, and a thieves’ guild.

We’ve unlocked the ENORMOUS Kraken Ultra-Boss and we’re going for the Ice Dragon!

With a new, clarified rulebook and more structured Freeform Adventuring and Adventure Module gameplay story modes, this is shaping up to become a worthy rival to Descent 2E (no Overlord needed)! Get on board before it’s over!

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“The monster atack”

When the monsters atack usually the move to the closer character.
We change this rule to move to the highest thread number. Just for increase the dificulty.

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