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“If you want to mix in Apocalypse with other Munchkin sets, think about this rule.”

the first thing I suggest for cross games with apocalypse that are also going to incorporate the seals of apocalypse is to add in a roll of a die at the beginning of each players turn to see what the apocalypse has in store for them. If a player rolls a 1 they must open a seal. if a player rolls a 6 they may choose to either close a seal, open a seal, or do nothing.

the reason I add this house rule is to make the seals more prominent in crossover games. without this rule the seals will rarely open and will close almost never. This rule helps to also add a secondary competitive element as players with higher levels want to close the seals while players with high combat ratings want to open the seals.

I am also working on a list for what seals could apply to what classes/races from other sets to help make an even more chaotic multiple set game.

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“It's The End of the World As We Know It (But We Feel Fine)”

This really goes for all Munchkin games, but I’ll tuck it here. Munchkin can be a very fun game, as long as the focus stays on the funny aspects of the game. That being said, backstabbing and messing with each other is perhaps more a part of Munchkin than it is just about any other game. And when is backstabbing more thematically appropriate than during an apocalypse?

Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to hard feelings or frustration, particularly if you play several games or if someone finds themselves really far behind. Keep the mood light and the laughter rolling–and by that I mean laughing with each other, not at each other. If you have a player who starts to feel frustrated or ganged up on (especially a new player), it may be time to take a break. This has happened the odd time at our game nights, and for me that’s when it’s time to switch to take a short break or switch to another game. Switching to a cooperative game can be a great way to restore the happy feelings at the game table.

Of course, if you’re in the difficult situation of having someone at the table who just has a hard time not taking getting stabbed in the back a bit personally, Munchkin may just not be the game to play. The most important part of any game is that everyone has fun!

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