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“During 2 player, spice up the gameplay with help”

While I love MB for 4 players, the game loses something in two player. The gameplay seems to get reduced and while still fun, it is missing something. However, once we added in a house rule to have a ghost player buy 2 cards per player from the aftermarket, things seemed to pick up. I hope it helps you!

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“Deques + Morrey = Infinite Money”

Let’s get a “combo” to lose the friendship in this game:

Morrey and Deques needs a single 3+ star accessory between the two of them. For example’s sake, let’s say Deques starts with a 4 star accessory in his binder.

Step 1: Deques sells the accessory to the aftermarket. He gains 4 dollars.
Step 2: Morrey buys this accessory for 2 dollars and immediately re-sells it for 6 dollars. Morrey’s net profit is 4 dollars.
Step 3: Deques buys the accessory for 1 dollar. His net profit is 3 dollars.

Repeat Steps 1-3 ad nauseam.

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