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“In Transition”

Since PXG appeared in this set, there has been some confusion with the timing to use said ability.

In your turn, all dice used to purchase, activate a global or pay for fielding cost go to a “transition” area and are moved to your USED area at the end of the turn.

It doesn’t apply when you use an ability in your opponent’s turn. Those dice go directly to your used area.

This was implemented so you don’t buy a dice, then activate PXG and re-use the recently used dice, creating a really annoying loop.

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“Mix dice”

Officially, on OP events or ranked, you are not allowed to mix dice from different sets for a character (e.g. using a die from Wolverine’s AvX set with his UXM card)

But since the stats for the dice of these characters don’t change (they have the same cost/atk/def/burst icon) you can get together with the group of players you hang around and the store owner to allow this, so you can use more dice for a character in your team.

Or when playing casual.

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“Kid-friendly house rule”

I don’t know about you, but my daughter prefers to see Storm or Rogue in play right away. For her, we sub out a white die for a hero die at the start of the game. That way she can field a character by turn 1 or 2. And then demolish her dad…

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“Combos rule”

When making teams, always look for characters that work well together. It is easy to overlook this when you want your favorite characters on your team. Your favorite characters don’t always work well with or off of each other. Find three or four characters that interact with each other in battle, or fielding,or purchasing. The other four or five characters are there to defend against some of the sneaky stuff your opponent has put on their team.

If at least half of your team have the same affiliation and you plan to get them all in the field, consider using the Teamwork basic action card and buying those dice early, before your opponent buys them. That card has won me many games! Before you begin play know who your winning condition character or combo is and always work towards that goal. I hope this helps some!

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