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“Find a deck”

Rather than try to get all of the different decks, spend the time to focus and get all of the unlockable cards for single deck first.

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“Choose Which Mana to Tap”

New for 2013 is the ability to choose specific mana to tap for each spell. This really only comes into play when using a mutli deck but it allows the player to play with a higher level of strategy and planning.

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“Know how to interrupt!”

There are a few rare situations where the computer doesn’t pause when you’d normally be able to interrupt an action or play a card. Be sure to know how to “Pause” the action or you’re likely going to miss that interrupt action.

I believe there are options to pause at each phase; but overall I think that slows the gameplay down too much. Depending on your deck, you might go several games without wanting to interrupt your opponent. But even Green monster decks occasionally cast Giant Growth, so learn how to pause!

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