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“Dive into corruption early....but only if you have a plan....”

If you play Skullport or both expansions:
Actions that give you corruption are quite powerful compared to the rest of the actions. Try making an insurance with intrigue cards, quests and buildings that remove corruption. Then get wild with corruption but remember to spare actions so that you can remove them before the game is done.
This tactic depends on luck (what you draw and what is available), but if you start up with a few of this cards you can do it the corruption way.

If you also dare to gamble a bit, you can start taking corruption early even if you don’t have the insurance up yet (WARNING: risky!)

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“Building that remove corruption”

From my games I have found that buildings that remove corruption can be very popular so they are always a good buying choice.

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“Ultimate Storing Solution”

If you want to store this expansion and the base game in one box yet keep the great inserts here is what to do. Take the Scoundrel insert out of the box and put it on the original insert (it will fit over the top of it with both loaded). You can then put the original lid over the top insert and Voila! you have it all together in one deep box.

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“What cards to remove from the base game and how to reduce overall setup time”

Here’s a really handy thread that helped with suggested cards for you to remove from the base game in order to integrate it with the expansion. You don’t have to follow it card for card, so I did take some liberties by keeping some of my more favorite quests in, so long as they didn’t affect the overall balance of the game (e.g. plot quests should preferably be kept more or less equal throughout the various quest types). This should definitely help you if you are looking to use both modules of the expansion when you play and will help to reduce your overall setup time moving forward.

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“Faction Bonuses”

One thing that always bothered me about Lords of Waterdeep was that your faction was merely just a place to hid your lord and keep your agents and completed quests tidy. I’ve sought to change this by allowing each faction a corresponding starting bonus that goes as follows:

Harpers: 1 wizard
City Guard: 2 fighters
Red Sashes: 2 rogues
Knights of the Shield: 4 gold
Silverstars: 1 cleric
Gray Hands: 1 intriuge + 2 gold

Factions are chosen BEFORE lords and quests are passed out.

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