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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“New players; Don't underestimate the later difficulty”

The start of the game, when you climatise steadily and the weather has minimal effect, can easily fool new players into underestimating the later difficulty. Maintaining a level of climatisation that allows for unexpected weather or risk effects is important. You also need to be aware of how quickly a prolonged period of bad weather can wear away at your climbers in no time.

Also, your points are based on the highest that a climber has been. You can often win by getting both climbers up to 7000m, and back to safety, when another climber has rushed for the summit but died in the process (points fall back down to 1).

– Maintain a buffer of acclimatisation
– Take heed of the weather forecast
– Plan your movements well and place your tents strategically.
– Don’t try to rush the summit – It’s often unlikely to work.

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“Don't Overemphasize Acclimatization”

It can be easy to forget about the race side of the game, and spend too much time acclimating your climbers. However, after several plays, it seems that getting in summit range quickly is more valuable than bringing up the rear with 6 acclimatization.

Given that there is usually one or two spaces higher up the mountain that only carry a -1 penalty, it may behoove you to more expediently reach that level and plant a tent to acclimate before the summit attempt. Otherwise, when bringing up the rear you are at the mercy of the other climbers when it comes to getting a chance for the top.

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