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7 Wonders

65 out of 72 gamers thought this was helpful

We have owned 7 Wonders for about 1 year now, and in that time have played it 200-300 times.The initial learning play through took about 45min, but after that it is rare that a game takes more than 20. The synchronous turn style helps keep everyone engaged, and the fact that it accommodates up to 7 people is perfect (big family).

The different avenues to victory (military, victory points, science, commerce, etc.) yield high replay ability, and keeps the game always feeling fresh. The card drafting mechanic is interesting and well executed. It took a little bit to get all of the chaining and symbols down, but once you learn them they all make a lot of sense.

The cards are of good quality, and have held up well throughout a year of extensive use, and the cardboard game boards feel solid and sturdy. Some of the money tokens have started to peel a bit, but that is the only downside as far as components is concerned.

I have played it with as few as 3 people, and think it definitely plays better with 4 to 7.

Quick, concise game play
Synchronous turns keep everyone engaged
Flexible player count
High replayability
Solid components

2 player game play leaves something to be desired
Money tokens seem to be the weak point in components
Some players may be subject to ‘analysis paralysis’ as there can be many good options in any given hand

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