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“Different Colored Dice = Faster Games”

For anyone looking to speed up thier games, and more specifically thier dice rolling, may I suggest using different colored dice. Using multiple colored dice you will be able to roll “to hit”, “to damage” and even the location of the damage all at once. With this technique 3 independent rolls become 1.

This rolling technique is used at most major tournaments and events. Just make sure you are clear to your opponent what you are doing when you roll and of course never ever change colors of which dice mean which.

I personally use 2+ white dice (with black dots) “to hit”, 2+ black dice “to damage” and 1 red die for where that damage is applied.

This tip works eqully as well in Hordes companion Warmachine.

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“For The Noob”

This Same Tip is on the Warmachine page as well.

First and foremost WE WANT YOU TO COME PLAY!!! The Privateer Press community is extremely Noob friendly, though we understand that Table Top Minis games, in general, are not. Here is a brief guide, contact me if you want some more detailed advice.

Step1: Get your hands on a rule book. It doesn’t matter if its the current edition or not- what you need is access to the “fluff”. Read the stories and the background of the world and its factions- become a fan of someone, once you’re committed get the latest Core Rule Book.

Step2: buy a deck for your favorite faction, put together a small battle unit and play with whatever you have as proxies for your models. Don’t just play once– play a few times, maybe even try another faction.

Step3: purchase your army model by model, keep playing throughout, put them together and paint them as you buy them. THIS WILL TAKE TIME, and that’s ok.

The next thing you know you’re talking tactics, creating alternate battle units to use in different scenarios, and having a blast all the while.

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“Warlock killed...”

Never ever leave warlock open. It is most done newbie mistake. Until you learn most tricks, just try to block enemy path to your warlock, ALWAYS!

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“Quick tip on warlocks.”

Warlocks come with bonus points that you can spend on Warbeasts. So if you are playing say a 25 point game, you can take a Warlock that gives you 6 bonus points for buying Warbeasts. Which is great because Warbeasts dominate the battlefield and look great doing it.

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