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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Drafting variant”

After you’ve played the game a number of times, and you have a good understanding of the cards and their synergy, you can try drafting at the beginning of the game as interesting variant.

To elaborate for those unfamiliar with drafting mechanics: after drawing your seven cards at the beginning of the game, pick one of the cards to keep, and pass the remaining six to the next player (pick left or right at the start, it needs to be consistent). This will also result in the player in the opposite direction having passed you six cards; pick one of those and pass the remaining five. Continue until all the cards have been picked. (You will just keep the last card handed to you as you’re “picking” from a single option.)

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is something that you would only want to try with a group that is already familiar with the game. Both because someone that isn’t as familiar with the available cards won’t have the knowledge to draft wisely, and drafting will generally make the start of the game more aggressive as players will have more control over their tempo. That control will of course fade after a while as normal card drawing actions occur, so knowing how to play without having constructed your hand is still vital.

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“It is so important...”

What could possibly be so important in this small little card game?

Card draw!

I know, I know just it’s just like every other card game, you might even be saying in your head “no duh”! But seriously card draw! Let me explain…

You start with a handful of goblins to aid you in your army, but what does it profit you to have the best and strongest army but no way to bring them to the table? Imagine having an amazing military tank but no power or people to run it!

How are you going to get to the war?

So let’s put some gasoline and some goblins in that tank so you can emerge victoriously.

At the start your turn, check to see what goblins can give you more goblins. But why?

Because goblins are what the whole game is about, they are needed to do everything. Not to mention you don’t draw cards at the start of your turn, you have to use what you got to get more. Also to place a goblin from a different clan (in the first level) you need to discard 2 goblins, and since you start such few cards, we need to make sure you are getting the best goblins to make it worth it.

In the first round play goblins that give you more cards, usually the silver goblins and the green goblins are the best. The silver goblins will usually allow you to draw more cards while the green goblins will let you search the top cards of the deck for more goblins, goblins from a couple of the other clans will also let you draw cards but mostly the green and silver are the best at it.

This is crucial for the first round of the game.

Don’t hesitate to discard a couple of good card to play some card drawing goblins that you won’t be able to play. Having an amazing goblins but no way to play them is pointless. This will help you in the first round and you should get a pretty decent starting army.

Don’t worry about losing the first great war.

What! You want me to lose???



Many of the cards that let you draw cards will let you draw 1 or 2 more cards if someone has more advantage tokens than you. These are good goblins to hold on to and play in the second round if you know you are going to lose the first great war. And don’t worry they may have won this battle but they won’t win them all! You will soon be snickering as you see your opponent struggling to build his army with 1 or 2 cards while you sit strong with a bunch of goblins ready to join your army on their way to victory.

Use this power so you can run the superior goblin army, I know you are capable of!

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