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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“First round - lay low.”

Since the robots are set in a random order to begin, the first time cards are played in the game the shark does not bite anyone. Most players want to get to the head of the line as soon as possible and will play a middle or high card. Essentially, there is no penalty for laying your lowest card during this first hand, and I always do.

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“Make the game last, take smaller bites.”

The robots’ hands and feet can come off, so we always take them first, and then the rest of the limb, so the game goes on a little longer when there’s only the two of us.

When there’s four or five, though, then let the shark take the whole limb! The game is meant to go quick.

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“Stay Alert”

Before playing a card, make sure to look at the other cards your opponents may currently have out on the table. If you see the same numbered card still in your hand is currently in play on the table, your odds of placing the same number as another player are less likely. By avoiding playing the same number, you ensure your own swimmer’s movement.

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