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“Recommend "play without at least some of the expansion cards." OR...”

Remove either of the following cards: “Game Hack: Cheat Codes” (original game card) or “Parting Shot” (FTW special card).

While some may question the probability of the same player drawing and having both special cards, and it is also not entirely unbeatable, Too many game sessions have ended with myself possessing both cards and cheaply scoring the last kill by “Cheat Coding” the Portable Nuke to my hand and then using the “Parting Shot” to immediately fire it should their attack successfully Frag me (ironically, of the 4-6 Frag games my group played using the FTW expansion, at least 2 of them ended this way. Most of the others were also subject to a broken end-game Cheat Code maneuver.)

While this tactic looks and sounds awesome to pull off (especially if one of the double damage cards is active on the board), it will almost always result in the game leaving a bad taste in numerous players’ mouths and it becomes hard to get that group to pick up a game of “Frag” again.

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“Starting players should favor Speed or Accuracy”

Frag is about scoring frags. Being fragged yourself isn’t that bad, in game terms. You get to choose your starting stats, dividing points among Speed, Health and Accuracy. As a long-term strategy, I recommend a balanced distribution, but when you’re just learning the game, try going heavy into Speed or Accuracy.

Speed will allow you to get more power ups, run away from threats and close to short range quickly.

Accuracy will allow you to pick your targets off from a safe distance.

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