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“The Return of the Wereboar”

This set has a very fun, very unique Encounter — The Wereboar. It comes with a special deck of cards too, for its ability. The tip… let Wereboar live and strike a few players before killing it to maximize the fun and make for a very satisfyingly dramatic endgame. For if you are attacked by the Wereboar, you must draw one of the 5 cards. You may not look at the card but place the card under your character sheet until the end of the game. Printed on the card is simply the question, “Are You a Wereboar?”. On the reverse are 4 cards that say, ‘no’ and one that says, ‘yes’. At the end of the game, one of you may transform into a duplicate of the encounter and attack your friends. If you kill them all, you win. If not, the prestige you give may tip the scales for the player who killed you, leaving them the winner. Super fun!

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