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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“No fields option”

Just like in the board game version, there is an option to play without farmers/fields. It is under the setting portion of create a game where you also turn on The River and Inns and Cathedrals. This makes the game easier for younger children. Just yesterday I was stuck at a baseball game for a two and a half hour game delay. I was able to use the Pass and Play option and No Fields option to pass the time with my eight year old.

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“Using Farmers”

Be careful when placing farmers early in the game. You want to make sure there aren’t a lot of roads or cities that could butt up against each other to cut off your farm and make it less valuable. When I play farmers earlier in the game, I like to try to get larger farms, so they’ll be worth more at the end of the game. You also have to watch for other people who may try to connect your farms to share points or even some who will try to outnumber you and take all the points. Constance vigilance! 🙂

On the other end, near the end of the game when there are only a few turns left, look for chances to get small farms when laying a new tile instead of scoring a road or city. For example, if you get a tile that allows you to score a two tile city, but there are 3 completed cities that would be in your farm, it would be better to play a farmer for 9 points instead of a knight for 4 points.

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“Beware the River”

I like starting with the river expansion every time I play Carcassonne. Every time. But- I don’t usually play Meeples around any land pieces on the river. I find that placing Meeples on those pieces inevitably get mixed up with adjacent land tiles. I end up losing those 1 or 2 Meeples and never getting them back. (shrug) Maybe its just me, but it’s happened too many times.

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