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“Variant: Tower Defense”


– Each player gets 15 Room Cards
– Each player gets 5 spell Cards


– The first turn each player build the best 5 room dungeon they can with all their room cards, this includes putting advanced room cards on top of ordinary rooms.


– One at a time each, hero is resolved by seeing which dungeon it is baited to and it attempts to go through that dungeon.
– Any player can use spells to help themselves or hinder another player using the normal spell rules


– First player to 10 souls wins
– Last player to lose 5 wounds wins
– OR Play till all the heroes are gone and see who has the most points


– Winning condition is set to High Score mode, try and get through as much of the Hero Horde as possible.

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“Optimal Tweaks!”

Some good suggestions here, my favourites for a great game:

1. Deal two boss cards to each player at the start and they choose there favourite.

2. When players receive there starting seven cards they draft – choose one card, hand to player on left – repeat till no cards left.

3. Remove the 4HP standard heroes.

4. Play with the mini expansion – ‘Tools of Hero-Kind’!

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“Too easy?”

Remove all the 4HP heroes and the fool. Epic heroes come out faster and make you to plan out your moves more than usual. It also tends to make the game less chaotic since players are more focused on not getting obliterated by epic heroes instead of throwing spells around to thwart everyone else.

Playing this way definitely improves 2-player games by making them more strategic and less Fluxx-y. As for more players, it depends on how you like your Boss Monster, so try it out and see how you like it.

P.S. I would also highly recommend the expansion, Tools of Hero-Kind, as it bumps the difficulty up enough that you don’t need to remove low-level heroes.

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“Draft Mechanic ”

After every player gets their hand dealt (5 room cards and 2 spells), you can introduce a simple draft mechanic, everyone chooses a card to keep and pass the rest of their hand to the player on the right, and keep doing this until everyone has their new hand of 7 cards.

With this you can build a little strategy around your dungeon instead of depending on the luck of the draw for rooms, spells and what kind of heroes you want to lure into your dungeon.

Helps reduce a little the element of luck on the game and add just a bit of planning at the beginning to spice things up.

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“Delay the heroes”

Due to one player’s inaccurate recollection of the rules, we accidentally came up with this house rule, but ended up liking it more than the official way. Rather than flipping heroes at the beginning of the turn, we wait to do it until right before they “leave town” to enter dungeons. This way, the rooms people build are more based on what heroes were left in town and what heroes have already been dealt (since there’s an equal number for each trait). It forces people to pay more attention to the heroes as they come and introduces a bit of gambling feel to building your dungeon.

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“Ambient Music”

This might seem a bit silly, but if you want the game to feel like you’re a part of a retro game, have the right music in the background. There are plenty of options, but I would recommend playing the Rogue Legacy OST– it’s up on youtube, and has a good brooding 8-bit dungeon music to it, with most tracks by A Shell in the Pit. For a lighter mood, try Anamanaguchi.
You’ll feel much more like a retro arcade boss when your heroes are getting killed off while manic old-school boss music is chiming away on your computer. We’ve even switched to more intense music as the Epic Heroes start coming out, and the starting screen music playing when we’re setting up the game– a little extra work, but it’s hilarious.

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“Themed Dungeon”

Each type of room card (Trap Rooms, Monster Rooms, etc.) synergizes really well with other room cards of its type. Pre-plan your early, less damaging rooms with your more powerful, Advanced Rooms in mind to make the most of your initial hand. It’s a lot easier to plan around what you have in-hand than it is to place randomly-drawn rooms each turn.

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