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Love Letter

77 out of 87 gamers thought this was helpful

There are very few games, you can pick up and teach to anyone in a span of 10 minutes, well Love Letters is one of those games. It comes in a small velvet pouch and has 16 cards along with 13 square wood cubes.

The Object of the game is to be the last person standing in order to pass your courtship letter to the princess, sounds boring? Not at all, the amount of fun this small game packs is amazing, I’ve not had a game where everyone is not right into it.

The game is best played with four players, however you can play with 2 or 3, game play starts with everyone receiving a single card and the dealer burns a card by putting it into the velvet bag, the first player after the dealer then draws a card, and plays one of the two cards then follow the instructions on that card. Play continues until one player is left or the draw pile is depleted, if the draw pile becomes depleted then the player with the highest valued card wins. Do this 4 times in a four player game and you’re the winner.

You’re trying to knock out the other players by guessing or forcing them to discard their cards, careful though they have the same goal.

The Cards are as follows.

Princess value 8 number of cards 1 (discard and you are out)

Countess value 7 number of cards 1 (discard if she is caught with the king or the prince)

King value 6 number of cards 1 (trade hands with another player)

Prince value 5 number of cards 2 (Force a player to discard then draw another card, If the card wasn’t the princess)

Hand Maiden value 4 number of cards 2 (You cannot be targeted by other players until your next turn)

Baron value 3 number of cards 2 (compare hands with another player the lowest card is discard and that player is out)

Priest value 2 number of cards 2 (Peak at another players card)

Guard value 1 Number of cards 5 (chose a player and call out a card if the player has that card they discard and are out, the card cannot be Guard.)

As you play cards you place them in front of you so everyone can see what cards have been played, this seems like it would make the game to easy however you have to keep in mind that one card was burned, so there is some strategy on how you play.

All and all this is a great little game that you can take with you. I’d recommended you pick up a copy at your local game store.

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Blood Bowl

98 out of 129 gamers thought this was helpful

Blood Bowl is one of the greatest products GW has have created, it allows a coach to create a team, play and level up his players. I’ve never played a game that allows people to have complete control over how they’re team plays.

The game have over 20 teams that you can coach to greatness, if you like leagues or tournaments then you’ll find Blood Bowl even more entertaining than most other miniatures games. This is one of those games that can create stories among groups of gamers.
The only down side currently is that GW has stop producing the game, making the rules a little hard to come by. However the rest of the components of this game can be found easily through small companies.

It takes roughly 2 hours to play and is a lot like chess, except you get to pound the faces of your opponents. If you like sports and board games then try Blood Bowl.

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127 out of 146 gamers thought this was helpful

This is one of those games that you can spend a fair amount of money on, however it’s worth every penny you’ve spent.

I’ve played Final Fantasy Tactics all my life, and this game gives you the same experience only on the table top. I had seen a youtube video about Krosmaster: Arena and once I was done watching I knew I was hooked.

The starting game is roughly $90CDN, but you get 8 characters, all the terrain, a double sided game board, all of the tokens and dice. It’s a steal of a deal compared to some miniatures games out there.

The rules can be a bit tricky to pick up but it only takes a couple of games to figure it out, or you can do the step by step missions in the rule book that will teach you all of the basics of the game. The game take about 10minutes to set up when you first crack the box, as you have to punch out all the tokens, trees, hedge and creates.

The game is a turn based game, where one player activates all of his characters one at a time, completing actions and moves based of the printed cards (that come in the game box) Once a player has completed all of his moving and actions he/she moves onto the next fast character in their team, this continues until they have activated everyone on their side. The second player continues to do the same until the game is over.

You’re able to play the game with 2-4 players with the main box, the expansions allow you to bring some new characters into the mix. If you know someone who has this game I would suggest you try it out.

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Risk 2210 A.D.

56 out of 158 gamers thought this was helpful

I love this version of risk, adding in charecters, the moon and under water territories was great. Having Cards effect the game and bidding for first turn is always great. This is a game I wish I could have more time to play.

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Ticket to Ride

23 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

Ticket To Ride is a great game for friends and families to play, it is one of the simplest games I have picked up. The learning curve is fairly small and the entertainment value is high. Every time I take this game to a friend’s house it seems to be a hit that they ask to play time in and time out.

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73 out of 141 gamers thought this was helpful

The Hordes game is a lot like Warmachine with a few different mechanics, Instead of Warjacks you get giant beasts, of flesh & bone or even stone, your warlock bonds with these beasts in order to run amuck on the Iron Kingdoms. This game has fantastic miniatures and combines great strategies with pure force. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes table top games.

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23 out of 52 gamers thought this was helpful

Munchkin is one of the best group games to play. Every time you sit down to play the game is different, you can try to work with others, be a hero or be the ultimate villain. The game is played with a single D6 and 3-6 D10’s (you will never have to roll your D10) the concept of the game is your on a dungeon crawl trying to seek out Monsters to kill and loot wear that can help you level up. If you can hit level 10 before your friends you win the game, sounds easy but it isn’t the game gets nasty as you get closer to winning.

I look forward to any chance I get to play this game.

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80 out of 134 gamers thought this was helpful

Warmachine is a great miniatures game; it combines skill, knowledge and a pinch of luck if you want to win, with Warmachine even when you look down and out there is that small chance on a “balls to the wall” move that can win you a game. The models that Privateer press releases are amazing to paint and play with, they give a very stimulating look to an already awesome game.

As time passes with this game in only continues to get better, the staff at Privateer Press have a great product and a great game for everyone who loves miniatures games.

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