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Inn-Fighting: D&D Brawl Dice Game - Board Game Box Shot

Inn-Fighting: D&D Brawl Dice Game

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The dice game of champions in the Dungeons & Dragons world.

From the creators of Three-Dragon Ante, the Dungeons & Dragons in-world card game, comes the perfect dice game for D&D players and characters alike. With a roll of the dice, you determine whether to hurl a mug of ale at the warbling bard or smash a chair over the drunken barbarian's back. Treachery and chaos abound, as every game promises a new and hilarious tavern brawling experience. Inside every Inn-Fighting box you'll find a rules sheet, a set of 6 special six-sided dice, 1 twenty-sided die, and 52 character cards. Choose a character, trade some dice rolls with your friends, and see who's left standing in the end!

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