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Infernal Contraption (2ed) - Board Game Box Shot

Infernal Contraption (2ed)

| Published: 2007
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Infernal Contraption is a fun-fueled stand-alone card game of mechanical mayhem for 2-4 players where goblin bodgers race to assemble their nigh-uncontrollable machines of mass consumption!

In this newly revised and expanded edition, you assume the role of a goblin bodger scrambling to construct a maniacal machine that will consume the resources of the other bodgers. This edition also includes cards from the Infernal Contraption: Sabotage! Expansion, so throw a wrench in your opponents’ plans and watch the resulting madness!

Each copy of Infernal Contraption: Second Edition also includes a special "Utili-Turret" promo card for the Bodgers Game Heap!

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