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21 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

I tend to agree with much of the comments of Bryan Fischer in his review, below.

The game is one of the few apps that I have played more than just a few times after purchase. Having played the real card game before playing the app, the app was easy to pick up. However, there are a number of screens that cannot be exited out of for some reason, and the other player’s cards and stats are at times hard to read. (I play off an iPhone, however, so, on an iPad, perhaps this is not an issue).

While it is obvious the game is preparing for release of expansions, none of them have gone live yet, which is disappointing. I can understand why there may be some delay, because the programming required to deal with the rules changes in them is likely taking more time than planned. Once the expansions release, there should be a lot more to opine about.

However, as indicated in the title, if you play the real card game, and are looking for some training time while your playgroup is away from the cards, this is a good app to consider. You can get in a number of games in a session because of the low set-up and prep times, and also, really get to see the impact of the chain strategy you have chosen.

You can chose the level of difficulty, which is a nice option to ease into the more difficult strategies.

I too would not recommend the app for people looking for a lot of on-line play, unless you are planning on getting your playgroup together.

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7 Wonders: Leaders

32 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

…because “Leaders” introduces a whole new layer of drafting and rules-bending to your standard game of 7 Wonders, oh, and a whole new wonder as well! Rome’s Colosseum!

Leaders is a great expansion that gives you that “I wish the game was just a little longer and more complex” feel. I would suggest playing a few base games without the expansion just to get the feel for game play, but the expansion can be quickly added thereafter to add depth of feel and play.

It is very cool that the leaders are themselves real historical figures from antiquity with powers that you would think, “yeah, that makes sense…” This shows the great depth of research and design and care that is being taken by the game’s creators to make a quality game.

The leaders are not all equal in terms of power level, so, that is why another drafting mechanic is added to give players the ability to get access to possibly other options.

The base game is great without the expansion, and the expansion is not a requirement for the game to be both deep and fun, but the expansion adds a lot with just 4 new cards to tinker with.

Highly behind this one. Looking forward to Cities!!

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7 Wonders

53 out of 82 gamers thought this was helpful

At GenCon last year (2011), there was one game I wanted to come home with, and this was it. I had seen a lot of buzz about it, and wanted to get in. When we broke it out and played just one game, I was hooked. The game is fun, deep and varied. It plays well among serious gamers or with the family. There is a ton of variety from game to game, as no two play alike. The cards and situations and strategies are all so very different each time.

I like this game with the family (two kids between 10-12), because it promotes strategic thinking, math, the consequences of choices and planning. It is a great game because it plays so fast, but leaves you wanting to play “just one more…”

The expansion (Leaders) adds another layer of drafting and then pre-age actions which gives the game further depth and adds about 10 more minutes to the game.

Everything about it is intuitive, easy to learn and yet is not too simple as to be uninteresting. Just the opposite. The game is beautiful and seep and keeps us coming back for more.

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70 out of 89 gamers thought this was helpful

L5R is one of the few remaining CCGs from the earliest days in the industry to have survived the initial glut of games, and now, the long test of time. The setting is truly unlike any other in gaming right now. The depth of the story is perhaps singularly its biggest achievement that can only be accomplished with such great care that AEG has taken with this license over time. But this depth of story also breeds great fan loyalty and creativity in deck design, costume and card-play.

I have been in and out of L5R since the Shadowlands Expansion way back when. The card frames are nothing short of beautiful. The art is amazing. The story is unparalleled. The strategy is deep and card-play intense. The learning curve is steep, however, and it will take much time to get up to the level of the players in the competitive tournament scene.

The game is somewhat of a higher price point because of the nature of the CCG, but, with some friends in your playgroup to chose the different play-style options of the different clans, you can share the expense of the game, and also the cards.

Having played a number of other games, this one keeps bringing me back in, expansion after expansion, and I hope to see on the market for another 15 years +!!

Check this one out, and get some friends into it as well.

Only rate a 9 instead of 10 due to learning curve and cost.

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