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The Watcher in the Water Adventure Pack - Board Game Box Shot

The Watcher in the Water Adventure Pack

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Frodo felt something seize him by the ankle, and he fell with a cry… The others swung round and saw the waters of the lake seething, as if a host of snakes were swimming up from the southern end.
–The Fellowship of the Ring

Elrond, the Elf Lord of Rivendell, is troubled by the great numbers of Orcs that plagued the heroes who escorted his daughter, Arwen Undómiel, across the Misty Mountains. He asks them to explore the mines of Moria, hoping they can determine if they are the source of the increased Orc activity, but before the heroes can explore Moria's vast network of tunnels, they must first gain entrance…

The Watcher in the Water combines tense combat with clever riddles as some of Middle-earth's greatest heroes must survive a ferocious battle with seething masses of tentacles long enough to discover how to open the Doors of Durin. The Watcher in the Water represents an action-packed turning point in the Dwarrowdelf cycle of Adventure Packs as the heroes seek to head into the dark and abandoned realm of Moria.

The Watcher in the Water introduces 60 new cards to the game, including a thrilling scenario, a new hero, and three copies of each player card.

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This is not a stand-alone deck.
A copy of The Lord of the Rings: The Core Set and The Lord of the Rings: Khazad-dûm are required to play.

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“Get these tentacles out of my face!”

Elrond has asked us to scout the Mines of Moria to discover the source of Orc activity. We must find our way around the dark lake…..

What is included in this expansion:

Hero- Aragorn This is an Aragorn where his traits are a Dunedain Ranger and his action is that he can reduce your threat to your starting level once per game. He comes at a very high cost (12) but you may consider him for you deck if threat is problem while you quest.

Ally – Arwen Undomiel. She is a character that would be used for questing, and when she exhausts she provides the sentinel ability and 1 to defense until the end of the round. She is also a Noldor.

Noldor and Silvan character attachments are provided for this expansion. If you were waiting to get some cards prior to creating a deck around Noldor characters this expansion would assist you greatly.

Cards I am happy to see:
Elrond’s counsel – If you have a Noldor character you can give another character +1 to question and lower your threat by 3.

Resourceful – attached hero collects 1 additional resource during the resource phase.

Play for this expansion:

This expansion only has two quest cards. However what it does have is tentacles that hit for a lot of damage. There are 9 total tentacle cards in the deck, grasping, thrashing, and striking. Since this expansion plays with this deck, and one other you are going to see the tentacles a lot. The tentacles all do three or more points of damage a hit. So when making your deck you might want to put in a lot of two or three point characters that can be used to defend and die each turn.

The tentacles threat level is very low 12s and 18. So you are going to have to fight these tentacles virtually from the start of the adventure.

The Watcher in the water appears during the final phase. It is very difficult to get him from the staging area to be optionally engaged. He will require you to deal 3 damage to a character you control each turn. (Keep bringing out the “red shirts”)

What I did not enjoy, but the person I play with did, is the winning condition. In order to win you have to discard cards and if the first letter of the cards title matches the first letter of the encounter card’s title you can win. I have played 3 times, and each time we didn’t have any matching letters. We were eventually overwhelmed. I would rather win or lose due to skill not random luck, but the person I played with thought this was a clever way to show them standing at a door trying to figure how the words to get the door to open.


I think this is a very difficult adventure. I felt overwhelmed from the moment play started. If I every manage to pull matching letters, and win you can bet I will NEVER visit the pool of water near Moria again.


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