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Games Added (Sept. 21)

Posted by Chris {Avid Gamer} | 21-Sep-17 | 6 comments
Games added to

New Releases

Codenames Duet
Czech Games Edition | Published: 2017

Roxley Games | Published: 2017

Nemo’s War 2nd edition
Victory Point Games | Published: 2017

Enfutown Bumpers {reprint coming to kickstarter soon!]
5 Color Combo | Published: 2017

Past Releases

Great Western Trail
Stronghold Games | Published: 2016

Centauri Saga
Vesuvius Media | Published: 2016

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition
Fantasy Flight Games | Published: 2015

Frog the What Games | Published: 2015

Steam Torpedo: First Contact
iello, Serious Poulp | Published: 2011

Desert Island
Gorilla Games | Published: 2010

Spot It!
Asmodee | Published: 2009

Lifeboat 4th ed.
Gorilla Games | Published: 2002

Time Agent
Prism Games, TimJim Games | Published: 1992

Taboo Classic
Hasbro | Published: 1989

Mattel | Published: 1984

Yahtzee Classic
Winning Moves Games | Published: 1956

Published: 1100

Comments (6)

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The Gold Heart

Ha! Missed that I put checkers on twice, it really wanted to be noticed 🙂

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While I do note that Checkers was on two lists of Games Added (both Sept 8th and Sept 21st—thanks, Jim!), I also note that to date for the month of September Checkers has more plays than Magic: the Gathering (38 vs 31).

Go Checkers!

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@emspace there ARE more and more to come. We are working on requests, new games and some classics! If you have any requests add them to the list, under the GAMES tab called Game Requests.

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Old Bones
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Thanks for adding 3 games I own and 1 I’m considering! Please tell us there are more and more to come!

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Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
Cooperative Game Explorer

Published: 1100

Brand new.

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Wow! Bunch more old classics added. On a roll with the classics!

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