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Game Updates (Oct 12)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 12-Oct-12 | 14 comments

Game Updates on

Upcoming Games

King of Tokyo: Power Up!
iello | 2012 Q4 – October

Asmodee | 2012 Q4 – November

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
Cool Mini Or Not | 2012 Q4 – December

Tsuro of the Seas
Calliope Games | 2012 Q4 – November

Asmodee | 2012 Q4 -November

iello | 2012 Q4 – November

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island
Z-Man Games | 2013 Q1 – January

Recently Released

Tooth & Nail: Factions
Small Box Games | Published: 2012

Rolling Freight
APE Games | Published: 2012

Hooyah: Navy Seals Card Game
U.S. Game Systems | Published: 2012

Manhattan Project
Minion Games | Published: 2012

Released Before 2012

Mayfair Games, Treefrog Games | Published: 2009

Star Trek Expeditions: Expansion 1
NECA, WizKids | Published: 2011

Inca Empire
Z-Man Games | Published: 2010

Mayfair Games | Published: 2005

Cold War: CIA vs KGB
Fantasy Flight Games | Published: 2007

Alba Longa
Tasty Minstrel Games | Published: 2011

Carson City
Eagle Games | Published: 2009

Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit
Hasbro | Published: 2000

In the Shadow of the Emperor
Rio Grande Games | Published: 2004

Gryphon Games | Published: 1999

Ravensburger, Rio Grande Games, Überplay | Published: 1999

Dragon Dice
SFR Inc., TSR | Published: 1995

Comments (14)

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Tsuro of the Seas sounds interesting. I like the first one, but felt like it needed something else, so the concept of being “bumped” off the board could make it more replayable for me. Of course, just add it to the list of like 20 games I want to buy;)

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After not seeing anything from my collection show up I get 6 at once. Star Wars Queen’s Gambit is a great 2-4 player game, and Carson City is great game with huge life and limb endangering dice. Do not play CC with anyone who recklessly flings dice on to the table. 🙂

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No games from my collection this time, but there’s three on my wishlist; Carson City, Ra, and Automobile.

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Very glad to see the Queen’s Gambit. Of course, I’m partial to Star Wars games, but this is perhaps the best licensed board game I have played. It does a great job of staying true to the movie, but is far more interesting and entertaining. The games offers lots of high quality plastic pieces and the 3-D palace is very cool.

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Automobile – Very interesting and tight game by Martin Wallace. Not for the beginner by any means, but anyone not afraid of thinking and tough decisions will probably love this one.

Cold War – Fun bluffing card game for two with a Cold War theme, nicely done art work and while the game isn’t the best two player game out there, if the era interests you at all it deserves a look.

Carson City – One of my favourite worker placement games. Not only that, it also has roll selection, area control, tile placement, even player intimidation if you want it, and a Wild West theme that works. A game that deserves much more attention.

Queen’s Gambit – A licensed game that is WAY better than the source material. Considering the movie in question that isn’t necessarily that big of a compliment, but the game really is a lot of fun. Interesting action selection though hand management, four different areas where action is taking place but a need to pick and choose where to concentrate one’s resources and a pool of custom dice to add a little chaos all add up to one heck of a good time for two lucky gamers. Tons of plastic minis and a 3D board representing a palace don’t hurt either. I never win this game but I’m always willing to play.

Money! – Nice little set collection card game that, while not complicated, has enough going for it to keep just about anyone engaged.

Ra – Classic auction game that while it has tons of luck is still usually won by the more skilled player.

Of the games I don’t own Manhattan Project and Rolling Freight both have me wanting to play them.

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I’m happy to see Tooth and Nail. Gotta love Small Box Games!

I’m also really looking forward to Sedition Wars; I Kickstarted it, and it can’t get here soon enough.

I’ve heard a ton of great things about Queen’t Gambit. It was designed by Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness of Heroscape fame, but apparently it can be pretty pricey on Ebay, so I’ll have to wait and hope for a deal…

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Ra! One of our favorite game-night games! Though they have another version with Priests of Ra that is also nice (like a 2nd version).
Tsuro of the Seas is gorgeous (Kickstartered it) & Sedition Wars should arrive soon.

Overall, great to see a larger update this week!

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@ BuckWilde

boooooo! 😛 🙂

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Lots of interesting games today. Haven’t really heard of them, but seeing as they’re favorites of some of my favorite BG’ers, I’m going to be looking into them soon!

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Great! 7 Games I own and one I previously owned. Glad to see them added in the library.

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Tsuro of the Seas? Now THIS I’ve got to sea…

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With the addition of Money, most of my favorite fillers are now on the site!

The rulebook is not very good for Carson City, but the game itself isn’t too bad. It’s ripe for tips and tricks on the site.

I’m excited to see how the special powers turned out for the King of Tokyo expansion.

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Great to see Mesopotamia among the older games, but where is the Blood Moon expansion for Talisman? It has been out and about for some time now and you have all the other Talisman expansions lined up.

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Very nice selection of games this week! I’m super happy to see Tooth & Nail added. I love the artwork in that game.

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