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Game Updates (March 1)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 1-Mar-13 | 14 comments

Game Updates on

Upcoming Games

Zpocalypse: Zmaster
Greenbrier Games | 2013 Q2 (June)

Hull Breach: Corporate Wars
NSB Games | 2013 Q4

Recently Released

Greenbrier Games

Legend of the Five Rings – Torn Asunder
Alderac Entertainment Group

Room 25
Asmodee, Asterion Press, Matagot

Ace Detective
8th Sumit

The Hobbit: On the Doorstep – Saga Expansion
Fantasy Flight Games

Lady Alice
Asmodee, Hurrican Games

Le Havre: The Inland Port
Z-Man Games


Day of the Dead
Evan Raisner Design | Published: oct 2012

Exodus: Proxima Centauri
NSKN Legendary Games

Comments (14)

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Looking forward to have some gamer reviews on Kemet. Interesting game the stuff I’ve seen so far

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On the Doorstep is a solid expansion that I’m currently working through with my friends… 🙂

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More brains!!!!!!

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Don’t have any of these, but saw a lot of them in Kickstarter-land last year. Nice to start seeing the fruit of those campaigns!

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Le Havre-The Inland Port came out last week and I have played it and reviewed for anyone interested. I like Uwe’s earlier games, including Gates of Loyang, and was not disappointed by this one except for the component size, although it does make a nice portable game.

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Only one of my games (an expansion) is on here this week. Here’s looking to next week to see more of my collection represented here!

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Zpocalypse should be shipping any time now, and I am anxiously awaiting my copy. I played a demo of this at Gen Con, and it made me very happy that I had decided to back it. Now if it would just travel quickly to my doorstep!

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Watched a video my LGS did on Room 25 I think I will be picking that one up.

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Zpocalypse should be on its way to my doorstep soon, so I’ll break it open and play it through as soon as I can. It should have some interesting game play and mechanics, though.

Day of the Dead looks to be very…tongue in cheek and may be worth the humor value alone.

Room 25 has captured my interest as well with various game modes, setup possibilities, a lower price point, and game play available for 1-6 players.

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And here was me thinking (or even hoping) that Day of the Dead was going to be an adaptation of the 1986 horror film! Shows how wrong you can be…

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I want to see some more digital games. I may need to enter some coming up. I like the quick and cheap play.

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Kemet looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to play it. Lady Alice is intriguing, and I’ll be getting the Hobbit expansion as well. I’m not sure about any of the others. I think I’ll wait on Hull Breach.

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day of the dead looks fun, but i’m getting tired of all teh zombie games to be honest.

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Well, another updated where I don’t own any of the games added in, but I’ll be getting the other half of the Hobbit for the Lord of the Rings card game this weekend probably.

Love to artwork of the whole series.

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