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Day of the Dead - Board Game Box Shot

Day of the Dead

| Published: 2012

Day of the Dead is a highly strategic card game that turns you and a friend into necromancers! Summon the best team of undead fighters and in six turns you'll be named Super Grand Master, a highly pointless and stupid title.

Day of the Dead components
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At the start of the game, each necromancer is given a hand containing nine cards. They represent an eccentric collection of skeletons, zombies, vampires, ghouls, and other spooks. Each turn, you select one of these weird characters and send it to the field. Once your opponent has done the same, the fun begins! All the fighters pair off and battle to the death. Normally, this sort of thing would be dangerous, but undead are durable and really get into the spirit of the thing.

Winners score points while losers are flipped face down. Undead are resilient, so losing fighters will reassemble themselves in time for next turn's battle. But if you don't think your losing fighter will do better next turn, you can pull him out of line and turn him into a spirit. Spirits are the ultimate fans, boosting the power of all of your fighters. Some spirits even let you replace weaker fighters!

Strategy in Day of the Dead centers around positioning; when played in the right place, any fighter can be a champion. On the other hand, even your favorite fighter can be a total failure if you are too stubborn to pull him out of a losing matchup. Stay flexible and you will bury your competition.

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