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Game Updates (July 6)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 6-Jul-12 | 11 comments
Game Updates on

Games Recently Released

Small World Realms
July 3, Days of Wonder

Sky Traders
June 29, Fantasy Flight Games

Axis & Allies 1941
June 26, Avalon Hill, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast

June 24, Queen Games

Nightfall: Dark Rages
June 22, Alderac Entertainment Group

Foundations of Stone Adventure Pack
June 21, Fantasy Flight Games

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013
June 20, Wizards of the Coast

June 15, Queen Games

Monster Chase
June 13, Asmodee

June 13, Asmodee

Dixit Journey
June 11, Asmodee

Games Added

Playroom Entertainment

For the Crown
Victory Point Games

For Sale
Gryphon Games

Lemonade Stand
Mayday Games

A la Carte
Fantasy Flight

Rio Grande

Comments (11)

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It occurs to me that I need a job that allows for more playing of new games. These games all look intriguing, yet I lack the bandwidth to do anything with them! This is a travesty!! That being said… I am ALL ABOUT ‘Edo’! Can’t wait to pick this up at my LGS!!

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I played Edo recently and it is fun, but it feels like a reimagining of something I played years ago. I just can’t remember what it is and it is bugging me. I am looking forward to trying Sky Traders.

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@ Windlane

Dixit: Odyssey, and Journey are both great starting points. The original game is great of course and all the cards from all the releases simply make the game more enjoyable. But Odyssey adds a better (in my opinion) game board for tracking scores, and very nice organizational place for the cards during gameplay. There are also some good variant rules for team play. Journey builds on the refinements of Odyssey. They both make a great game better from a components standpoint. But if you love Dixit and are a completist, as I am, you will want all the cards… The original, Odyssey, and Journey are all comparably priced.

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Question about Dixit and its expansions and standalone sets – what’s the best point of entry for the game?

I’ve heard plenty of good about it, but it seems like there’s multiple places to get started from and I’m just wondering what folks consider the most ideal intro.

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Axis & Allies 1941, get in! This (for those who are interested) is the entry level game in the series. I will be adding this one to my collection very soon! 🙂


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For Sale is a blast. Going straight onto the wish list.

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I’ll join with Granny in being interested in Sky Traders, and with FFG’s track record for production values I’d definitely like to know more about this, so will be investigating. The other one there that looks like a fit for our house is Maharani, but not much information on this available yet. More research for me to do… 🙂

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Sky Traders looks interesting, and I can never pass up some more Dixit cards.

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Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 in excellent on the iPad.

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For Sale is such a fantastic filler, I’m happy to see it’s made it onto the site!

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For the Crown is sort of like Chess meets Dominion. I had a chance to play test it at a game meetup.

The game designer looks like a wizard. (in a good way)

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