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“Beginner Tips”

Here are some tips that’ll help new players out a bit!

* In the opening game, you have a hand of seven cards. You have no idea what your opponent’s hand contains; most likely you don’t have any of the strong cards that you like. Thus, during this phase, blocking is generally a good choice, since a high hand size is generally better [Setsuki and DeGrey notwithstanding]. A high hand size opens up more options for you, gives you more fodder for joker-bluffs and aces, and forces your opponent to consider the possibility that a strong card is in your hand.

* As a corollary to the above; unless you’re Setsuki or DeGrey, avoid having your hand size go too low, especially against Midori and Rook, who both have excellent throws. This is because blocking is the most available way to increase your hand size; if you try to block for more cards, you’ll probably find yourself thrown again and again.

* Read your opponent’s discard piles! Don’t be afraid to take a look through it every once in a while to make sure what options they have! Even a Grave with a huge hand size is less threatening when his Aces and Queens are in the discard pile.

* Know your opponent! This refers to both the deck that he is using and the tendencies he makes. Remember, Yomi is not only a valuation game, but a psychology game. It’s especially important to know your opponent’s strong plays and a general sense of how many of each option he has.

* Don’t underestimate knockdowns. Knocking down your opponent is very strong because it shuts down many of your opponent’s options. Dodging is outright disabled and blocks become more vulnerable thanks to the mixup rule. This leaves attacks and throws. A sufficiently fast attack, then, will guarantee a hit against your opponent. Also, remember that cards that knock down will only do so at the end of a combo.

I hope that these tips will help you step your game up!

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“The More the Merrier - 3+ Player Combat”

It is exactly what it sounds like – a three (or more!) – person duel!

The method I use is to expand the hand size by two cards (+1 for each player after 3) and draw an extra card each turn per opponent. Then, each player places a combat card down for each other player — if you have a three person duel, that means you will be placing a card for each of your opponents, and they will be placing one down for each of theirs.

Three players?
Each player puts down two combat cards.
Four players?
Each player puts down three combat cards.
Each combat card has a single “target”
All card effects resolve simultaneously.

The battle becomes deadly dangerous — and temporary “cease-fires” can erupt as players make a point of concentrating their ire on a single successful opponent.

Modify your health points and fight two opponents at once using this technique for “Boss-Fight” style play, where an unlikely team-up means the difference between defeat and victory for erstwhile heroes – or villains!

The “Boss” character merely puts a card down for each enemy player, while they do not attack each other.

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“Yomi available as Print-and-Play for $15”

Interested in playing Yomi and you prefer having a hard copy instead of playing online; but don’t want to spend $100 to try the game, or find this price is too high for you? You can still get the entire game experience of all 10 different characters for $15, if you want to try the Print-and-Play route.

All 10 decks are available for one download (in .pdf) for $14.99 from Sirlin Games’ website. You’ll need to print and cut them out, but after doing so, you’ll have a full, playable copy of Yomi. As suggested on the download page, you’ll probably want to use card sleeves with another card behind your printed copy for backing.

This option will save you money, if you’re looking for the full set and are willing to put in some extra work.

www . sirlingames . com / products / yomi-print-and-play

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“Promo cards available (Cursed Characters)”

Have you been playing Yomi so much that you’re too good for your opposition? Or do you enjoy the challenge of playing from a weaker position? Maybe you are a completionist and need everything related to the game?

If any of these sound like you, or you just want some promos, the Boardgamegeek store has Promo Character Cards for Yomi available for $5 (includes shipping).

The promos are used in place of your character card each game (they don’t change your deck), meaning your special character power for the game will be changed (made worse).

While not necessary to play the game, they add a fun twist, and let you see a different side of the characters. Don’t expect to do better with these versions!

The new themes are:

Argagarg – Savage Shaman
DeGrey – Debaucherous Diplomat
Geiger – Careless Watchmaker
Grave – Rusty Warrior
Jaina – Phoenix Arsonist
Lum – Unlucky Panda (which sounds like every time I play his normal card!)
Midori – Scrub Dragon (boo!)
Rook – Tiny Golem
Setsuki – Outfoxed Ninja
Valerie – Depressed Painter

www . store . boardgamegeek . com

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“Play Yomi for free online!”

Are you interested in trying Yomi without first buying a copy? The game can be played online, for free!

Currently, only two (of the ten) base characters can be used each week for free, but if you’re new to the game and want to see what it’s about, that’s plenty to help you determine if Yomi is for you.

You can both play against an AI, or register (also free) and play other people around the globe. The game includes full rules enforcement (which can help newer players who have physical decks ensure they understand the rules).

Check out Free Yomi at www . fantasystrike . com.

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One thing that I find to be very useful in most cases is to Dodge. In the game, your defensive cards – Blocks and Dodge, provide different effects depending on what’s going on. Blocks will allow you to draw a card if you successfully block an attack, while a Dodge allows you to atttack back if you successfully dodge. While Blocks are all well and good, I find that the real power, in my opinion, is by dodging an attack. It doesn’t always work – but if you have a powerful face card in your hand or you want to Knock Down the opponent, then you may try to play a Dodge.

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“Stop Windmill Slamming your Amazing Topdecks”

If we’ve been playing for a few turns, playing cards face down at a steady pace and all of a sudden you play a card immediately after drawing it, it’s one of three things:
A) A Joker that you’re going waste on an unsuccessful gold burst.
B) An Ace or other good special attack.
C) Whatever type of card you haven’t had for the last 5 turns, often a throw.
Guess what beats every one of these save for a throw, Block/Dodge. At very best, you’re converting one of your best cards (Joker/Ace/etc) into card advantage for your opponent, which is terrible and at very worst, your freely telling your opponent, dodge will win them the game. Even if it is a throw, unless it kills the opponent or sets up a checkmate situation, a good player will just brush it off.

Here’s a list of more tips for beginner Yomi players.

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“Face Cards”

Work hard to get your face cards, especially your Aces. Use your power-up phase at the end of turn to replace your weaker numbered cards to search for Aces as often as you can, and what I suggest is that after you use an Ace – use the power ups phase to fish your discard instead of your deck. This way, you are re-using the same aces instead of thinning your deck out for them. I find this to be really useful in most cases.

Also, don’t be afraid to ditch your numbered cards. On the whole, the difference in power and scale between the numbered cards and your face cards is so great – so if you get your Aces quickly, the stronger you are and in a better position you’ll be.

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