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“Detachment Color Themes”

If you are wondering what the general theme is for each of the six detachment colors, check out this Insider article where David Carl from Privateer Press explains each one, along with providing useful examples and tips!

Insider Article 8-19-13: David Carl >

I printed the article out and keep it with my rulebook. Makes a nice quick reference for everyone when we’re constructing our decks.

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“Buy up your VP cards!”

It is TOUGH to take a location card because all of your opponents will gang on you if you have 2+ creature cards on a location more than they do. So my strategy, and likely most experienced players will do is to purchase any and all of your cards in your reserve that have Victory Points on their cards. This is how most times you will win if you’re lucky and you tank the locations well enough so that your opponents can’t score on locations. Pick the detachment colors with the most VP cards and buy them up because at the Day of Reckoning where the game ends, you count all the cards with VP that you purchased or scored.

It seems to be the only way to safely try to win and I hope there will be alternative paths to victory when Privateer Press create more event expansions.

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