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“All out treasure hunter or all out fighter”

Spreading yourself thin between getting treasure VPs and defeating enemies for VPs is a dangerous road to travel. You’ll find other players quickly moving past you as they become stronger in one focus or the other.

Let’s find that treasure!
You want to make sure you get the majority of search tokens on the treasures first so that you are the only one to collect the VPs! If you can get a hold of an action card that let’s you place 2 search markers as one action, then between that and your basic “place one search marker” card you’ll be able to grab the majority in one turn!

Don’t spread your search markers thin though because you only have six. If you have all your markers out there, other players might purposefully not complete them so you’re stuck.

Cover me Sully, I’m gonna take these guys out!
The trick with killing enemies is getting as many weapon cards out there as possible. Only discard weapon cards from your hand as “damage boosters” if they are weapons that you can only use once anyway.

The beauty of killing enemies is that when you defeat them you get to draw from the special action deck which is full of great weapons, so you’ll soon become a killing machine. Also, though you aren’t focused on treasure hunting, keep an eye out for treasures that give you a damage bonus if you have a search marker on them. These can go a long way in the beginning when you’re trying to build up weapon action cards.

Another thing to look for are weapons that give you a bonus when you’re low on health. If you use the special action side of a character card, many of the characters have a similar special ability. Just make sure you have enough cards to block damage. I once killed three enemies in one turn, but used all my cards doing so, which meant I couldn’t block any damage. Don’t forget, if you die, it doesn’t matter how many VPs you had… you loose.

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If you are buying this through your local game store find out if they pre-ordered it. If they did they should have gotten 2 character promos-Victor Sullivan and Nathan Drake-to give out with the game purchase. This is only if they ordered the game before the release date. Although, they can always contact their distributor to see about getting some with additional orders.(Unlikely, but nothing ventured, etc…)

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Avoid an arms race
The bosses are worth a lot of victory points, especially late in the game, but if you’re playing a 3 or 4 player game, it isn’t always the best strategy to join in the arms race. Consider a search token strategy. If others are so busy taking out bosses, they will likely be splitting the winnings, while you place 2, sometimes 3 tokens per round, securing the victory points from every treasure that pops up in the main game area. Make sure not to occupy too many treasures at once though, or you may find yourself out of search tokens, without the ability to finish the search, and get the victory points and added bonus (Jim mentioned this in his “Strategy” tip).

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