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“NekroVirus....attack, attack, attack”

The NekroVirus have no political clout.
The NekroVirus cannot research tech.
The NekroVirus should be played to be attacking every round as often as possible.
This is how the NekroVirus get their tech and they can grab the racial techs of other players which makes them a pain in the but for everyone.
Attacking, attacking, attacking may seem like it’s gonna alienate you from every other player, but you can use this to form an alliance by acting as the mercenary army for that player.
This is one of your only political avenues; “sell” your attacking services to another player to safeguard an area for you. The benefit to you is that you typically want to get attack anyway because you’re out for tech upgrades.
Try not to ally with a tech race. Those are the ones you want to attack.
When attacking, you don’t need to win, just attack.
Save your armada sized attacks for areas you are looking to control.

NekroVirus have one of the most powerful flagships in the game.
This is a HUGE deterrent to other armies from attacking you and can be used again as political clout; “What are you gonna do for me, such that I don’t send this flying nuke bomb into your system with 30+ points worth of resources in military?”

So, NekroVirus are typically never going to need to pull the assembly or technology card and focus more on trade (you’ll need funds) Warfare and leadership (with all the attacking you’ll be doing, you’ll need the counters).

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