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“New Players and the Doppelgangers”

I would suggest having a house rule that anyone new who happens to get the doppelganger race (assuming you pass them out randomly) be allowed to get a new race if they wish. The doppleganger’s magical ability is that every time you reach a new magic level, you draw another race card and use that race’s magical abilities. While this is interesting and fun, it does tend to hinder developing a long-term game strategy as each race tends to have a favorite strategy/style and you never know what you’ll be good at as you go along. I played this race my first (and so far only) time through and did happen to win by one point, but that was made much more difficult by not being able to focus in any one direction. While my opponent was making great use of his race and racking up points so quickly that we both thought he was ahead, all I could really do was focus on building up the tower, something he had neglected early on.

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“Institute a Communication Policy”

Due to the game’s large amounts of text written in small fonts, I highly suggest instituting a communication policy as the game doesn’t state whether or not your cards are hidden information. This caught me out recently and caused quite a solid argument between myself and a friend due to a player’s intent being a win during a war but the result being different due to uncommunicated information on the other player’s race card.

Making sure every player is open about their race’s powers both when they attain them, and when they would effect another player’s decision can help the game be enjoyable for everyone at the table.

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