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Legendary: Encounters takes the Legendary Deck-Building system, themes it in the ultra-gritty science fiction universe of Alien, and the proceeds to punish you for deciding to play it.

In Legendary: Encounters, you and a team of fellow characters work your way through a set of 3 objectives that follow the same storyline as the movies. You are given a starting deck, plus a card unique to your character (like a Battlefield Medic card or Gunner card) and then with those cards, you purchase more characters from the barracks, or scan and kill anything moving its way through the complex.

It appears extremely complicated on the surface but as you start playing, the game falls neatly into place. Add a card to the complex; play your hand; buy what you want; kill what you; move on.

What makes this game truly unique to me is the story aspect. Usually, if you’ve played one Deck-Building game, you’ve played them all. Gain; Draw; Play; Shuffle; Repeat; but with the game following a narrative and the enemies growing in power as you progress, plus the random enemies from the Drone Deck that are added in, Legendary: Encounters not only differentiates it from all deck-builders, it differentiates itself from every other play through.

Add in the co-operative element, and you’ve got a game that removes competitive tension between the players and replaces it with a shared experience of fear, creating a universal bond with the players for the entire play time… until someone dies and decides to play as the alien. Then all bets are off.

This game is fun but I wouldn’t recommend it to the novice gamer. If you love the Alien franchise, this is a must have.

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