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Super Munchkin - Board Game Box Shot

Super Munchkin

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Fly through the city. Smash the villains. Backstab your teammates and grab their gadgets.

Munchkin has parodied the classic dungeon, the kung-fu warrior, the space epic, and the creatures of the night. Now, it's the superheroes' turn!

Be a Mutant, an Exotic, a Mystic, or a Techno. The higher your Level, the more Powers you can have. Battle dastardly masterminds, devastating monsters, and invading aliens from the next dimension - from the wimpy Triplicate Twit all the way up to Big Ol' Planet Eater Guy himself - and TAKE THEIR STUFF! With the Aura Helmet, the Telezapinator, and the (jet-powered) Pogo Stick, no foe can stand before you.

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Gamer - Level 4
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“Not-so-Super Munchkin”

Super Munchkin is another Munchkin game. There are lots of them, and we have quite a few, and enjoy them all. Well, except this one.

We usually play two player sessions, which aren’t ideal for Munchkin (we find we can’t use expansions, as we become too overpowered too quickly), but find Super Munchkin the least two player friendly. It seems the super powers mount too quickly, making the monsters too easy to defeat, and the game a bit boring. This also seems to happen in larger playing groups as well. Basically, it’s just too easy.

Super Munchkin was the first Munchkin game we bought, as it was the only one we could find when it was decided (after playing at friends’ houses) that we NEEDED to have a Munchkin game. We have since bought others, and Super Munchkin languishes at the bottom of the game shelf.

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My First Heart
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“Fun expansion...”

Overall, a fun expansion.

I would say the original is better, but if you are a comics/superheroes fan then this set is certainly for you.


Pro’s –
Still mad fun.
Thematically done very well!
Quick to play.
Easy to setup.


Con’s –
Original was better IMO.


Overall, I would recommend over the base version if you are a superheroes fan.


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