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I’ll begin with what I love the most about MTG: the artwork. That’s it.

I’ve played MTG for many years. And it was always the same thing: buy as much as possible to be able to get the best cards and build the best deck possible. On top of that the amount of time it consumes is enormous. Not just in playing games but reading all the articles, card combos, wikis, the trading boards, and so much more, that at some point it stopped being a game, and it became a job, a job where you pay money and time, instead of earning it.

I’ve been selling my all my cards and the amount I’m getting back is nowhere near to what I have spent on them. The game is no longer about sitting on the table and outsmarting your opponent. It about making a budget and planning how many booster packs will I be able to buy next month. That is NOT fun by my standards, not fun at all. The game is 99% luck, because its not just the luck of your first hand or the luck of the draw, but also how lucky were you when you bought a booster.

I would rather spend the same amount of money in other boardgames and get 100 times far more enjoyment out of them. If your budget is tight, stay away from this game. If you have a lot of money to spend on games… why would you spend it on a game that will give you a low enjoyment over investment? there is so much more out there.

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The first time I played this game I had no idea what I was doing. The second time I had some idea and even got close to win. After that… wow, this game is just so awesome. Even though luck is a very important factor, foresight and planning (with flexibility) become your best assets. Knowing the cards and what they do and knowing all the symbols and their meanings is important in order to plan better. Then you need to see what your opponent is going for and then you can play actions that may mess what you infer their plan is.

Now I play it whenever I get a chance and every game is quite different, because it also depends on what other players are going for. It is a race for resources and infrastructure. A fine balance between building up and harvesting the benefits is needed for optimal performance.

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