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“Combine Fire tactics”

Definition: Combined fire is a variation of the concentrated fire action which allows any number of units, that are in range and have LOS to the target and are not fatigued, pinned or disrupted, to each add half their firepower to the active unit’s attack(round up).

Note that while subsequently all units are fatigued, only the active unit expends an action, meaning you will often still have actions left in your action turn.

Combined fire can be used in two or three situations, depending on how exactly you define it:

1. In a concentrated fire action

2. In an op fire attack ( do not confuse with the PREPARE op fire action; actually USING op fire is not an action as it occurs during your opponent’s action turn)

3. Up to two squads may support an active squad in an assault. With a little imagination this could be called “combined fire”, though according to the letter of the rules it’s called “supporting an assault”.

I’d say the biggest advantage of combined fire is the (almost) unlimited number of possible attack dice, so if you really, really want to take out an enemy unit, you’ll almost certainly manage as long as you add enough units to your combined fire attack and the dice gods are not totally against you.

this is a re-post from BGG (thanks to Willem Boersma for this posting)
Chris w/1A

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