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“Making The Two-Player Games Less Random”

As a two-player game, Ticket to Ride: the Card Game feels just too random. This was exacerbated by one particular rule that we did not like. In the boardgame, when three or more Locomotive cards appear face up in the Draw Area, all five face up cards are discarded and redrawn.

In the card game, this is not case and in one game, we ended up with five Locomotive cards face up in the Draw Area. If one player took one of these, it probably would have revealed an ordinary colored Train card and so given the next player a choice (and thus an advantage) in what cards he could take in his turn. For us, we were stuck drawing cards blind from the draw deck, and we felt that the rest of the draw deck could have just been dealt between the two of us and the game ended there and then. This was one rule that we changed for subsequent play, incorporating the rule about face up Locomotive Cards in the Ticket to Ride board game.

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“Which tickets to take?”

My wife and I have found that the endgame big city bonuses can have a huge impact on who wins in a 2-player game.

Each ticket will either have 1 of the big cities that provides a bonus or both (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Miami). When drawing tickets, always take the ones that have both every time unless it is going to impossible for you to complete it.

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“Forget your memory”

When we play this game, we remove the annoying need to remember what you have played. At any time, you can look through your cards to see what you have already played. This helps the game significantly and makes it more accesible to younger players as well.

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