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“Tickets to nowhere?”

Keep getting cut off from those big tickets, make up for them by trying for the five or more train paths. Those points can add up and negate those tickets in the long run. If you can get the nine train near the top of the board that’s 27 points!! Better than some of the long tickets even.

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“Racing Game for Young Players”

Set aside the destination tickets and use this small map as a basic racing game to complete one East-West route. Ignore the special ferry/tunnel rules and treat the locomotives as straight wild cards.

This is an easy and fun way to introduce basic set collection and route planning to young kids.

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“Grab the Big Cities”

In this game, if you can connect the big cities (they look larger on the map), you have a chance of picking up many more tickets that you’ve already completed.

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“Team Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries”

As a two to three player board, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries is perfect for use as a team game using the same set up and card holders from the Team Asia option from Ticket To Ride: Asia. In Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries each player starts the game with forty trains. These can easily be divided between the two members of a team – so twenty each.

Where in Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries each player starts the game with five Destination Tickets and can discard down to two, in team play, we found that four Destination Tickets was a fairer number, but still allowed the players to discard down to two. Otherwise, the standard rules of Team Asia apply for handling the drawing and playing of cards and of Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries for drawing Destination Tickets.

Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
Team Asia from Ticket To Ride: Asia
Four to six players divided into teams of two (works best with six)

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“Three steps ahead”

With a map this tight, make sure you have a plan B with each of your tickets, as well as a plan C and D.

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