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Yardmaster Express

52 out of 59 gamers thought this was helpful

Forget the 13+ age rating. Can your kids play UNO? Good. Then they can and should try Yardmaster Express.

There is only one hand of cards that players share, and turns are lightning fast. Draw a card, play a card, pass the hand.

The card-play is reminiscent of UNO, if UNO weren’t tediously long. Each card has two train cars on it. You must match either the color or number to the previous car in your personal train. You may instead choose to flip a card over and use its wild side, though this garners fewer points and may break up a valuable color streak.

The drafting mechanic really allows this game to shine. First, it is the simplest possible introduction to drafting; with only one small hand of cards, passing hands never gets confusing, even with the youngest players. Second, the drafting mechanic provides some take-that action (like UNO) without shoving anyone out of the game (I.e. Skip cards and Draw 4s).

Scoring is simple addition with some fun bonuses if you use the optional caboose cards.

This game is so short and sweet, perfect for waiting rooms anddelays, it belongs in every mom’s purse or dad’s coat pocket.

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Small World

55 out of 64 gamers thought this was helpful

I have been interested in Small World for a long time but have never gotten to play the physical game. When the app went on sale, I pounced on the chance.

The artwork is lovely and the gameplay is smooth. Really, it’s an excellent app. If you have a full-size tablet.

My 7-inch tablet is just too small to get a feel for what is going on. This would not be problematic if I were already familiar with the game, but as a learner I find it incredibly frustrating.

I recommend this app for those with full-size tablets or those who have played the physical game.

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66 out of 75 gamers thought this was helpful

I can’t imagine ever turning down a game of Hive. It’s fast. It warms up my brain. The tiles are lovely. What’s not to love?

Hive consists of a series of simple placement rules for a series of tiles with special movement abilities. You keep your queen from being surrounded while surrounding your opponent’s queen. The beauty of it is in how simple it is to teach (my 4-year-old has mastered the rules) and how much depth the game offers. My 6-year-old can play somewhat competitively, and we enjoy talking about strategy after our games together. I’d say 6 is a great age to introduce this thinky game, though younger kids would enjoy a gentle introduction as well. The bug theme helps.

I recommend Hive Pocket for its portability and because it comes with the ladybug expansion, which I don’t think I will ever play without. (It also comes with the mosquito.)

Overall, Hive is an inexpensive, durable abstract strategy game which appeals to all ages.

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