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“Power up!”

Walking Dead is pretty random, but you can mitigate that a bit by wandering around the edge of the board collecting resources and hopefully some party members before going for the win. Wandering the edge of the board makes sure your zombie trail doesn’t bite you later on. Building up resources and party members helps you to survive the tougher encounters and when you do have to cross the stream of zombies.

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“Prioritise Survivors by the Dice they Provide.”

The primary strategic value of followers (and starting characters), more important than the extra health that they give your party, is the dice they provide. On average, blue “Hero” dice are more valuable than red “Fighter” dice, which, in turn, are (marginally) more valuable than green “Scavenger” dice. (Green dice are useful only for a minority of the Encounter cards.)

When it becomes necessary to dole out, or “split” Fatigue tokens, it is advantageous to prioritise (minimise fatigue on) those followers that give you more valuable dice. Extra fatigue effects afforded by certain followers should be of secondary concern, unless losing them would lead to your primary character’s immediate demise.

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“Difficulty Tweaks”

1. “He’s Turning!”

Any time a survivor in your party dies from fatigue, the remainder of your party must immediately fight one zombie.

In the world of The Walking Dead, anyone who dies, from any cause, comes back as a zombie. That means any injury, accident, or illness can turn a valuable ally into a potential threat.

2. Lost and Leaderless

If you lose your Starting Character, you may proceed to the nearest starting space to draw a new one

The rulebook stipulates that you lose if all the survivors in your party die. It does not clarify what happens if you only lose your Starting Character, leaving your party leaderless. In this instance:
Replace Your "Party Pawn" with the follower tokens corresponding to your remaining followers.
IF your remaining dice pool has at least three dice AND at least one of those dice is blue, THEN you may proceed to the nearest starting space. ELSE, you must stay put, and hope that one of the other players is kind enough to rescue and escort you to the nearest starting space.
When you reach a starting space, draw a new Starting Character, replace your follower tokens with the standee of your new party leader.

3. “This is Our Place!”

Once a Location has been scouted, no other party may scout it.

To make the game a little harder and more competitive, you could try this: During setup, remove half the cards from the Location deck, making sure there is one and only one copy of each Location. Then shuffle the Location deck and deal out the Locations as normal (one to each player and three to the table). During play, once a party has successfully scouted a Location, that Location is effectively “theirs”, and no other party can attempt to scout it.

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“Try To Avoid Using Ammo Tokens”

Since using your ammo tokens to roll the black puts a zombie token in every adjacent square around you, it pretty much guarantees that you’ll be fighting zombies next time you move, so if at all possible, avoid using ammo tokens.

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