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“2 player HRs”

My husband and I have found that when playing 2 player you should remove all gambling cards due to the fact that if one person passes, the other automatically wins. This limits the preferable decks to the non-heavy gambling ones. We also limit the coins to 5, so that is still an option for winning. (Trying to get rid of 10 coins without gambling is hard to do)

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“The Tinkerer”

When playing as the Gnomish Tinkerer you do not need to target a player first with your card effects until after the gear card has resolved. So keep this in mind so you can limit the amount of angst you generate around the table.

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“pipping out”

I bought 100 real nice plastic pirate gold tokens to replace the cardboard ones. They look amazing, very bright, just like gold. Then I bought a small wooden pirate chest to put the Inn’s gold into. This all makes the game so much more enjoyable to play!!

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