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Mice and Mystics

84 out of 121 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a great game for all ages. It was simple and best of all intuitive. My fiance occasionally has difficulty playing games with me because she can’t always grasp all the small rules or see the connections. With Mice and Mystics she had no such problem. A sword on the dice met damage, a bow ranged damage, a piece of cheese garnered you cheese. Everything pretty much did what you expect and she loved it along with the rest of the play group.
We have played once and plan to play again with the campaign rules. Keeping our characters abilities and the like and going to bigger and better things with eleven different chapters. The theme of the game is great and ever present in the beautifully designed components.
You flip board tiles going from one level to another. Ex: traveling from the sewers to the kitchen. Combat is simple and yet challenging. Exploration and searching for items simple. The game is constantly moving forward because of the cheese well used as a timer so that you either push on or wind up running out of time. (which my group nearly did)
In short a lot of simple to learn fun and good couple hours of play.

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11 out of 23 gamers thought this was helpful

Pooky is Zots familiar and in this expansion you can see why poor old Zot was kicked out of the wizards college. This fuzz ball is a monster. Pooky adds a great twist on the game because you must be aware of his mood. His mood makes the group as whole pay attention to how much hate they are throwing his way. Get him to psychotic and he does some of the greatest damage in the game and not just to one player but possibly all players.
Thankfully after every such explosion of anger Pooky will become calm. Giving you a change to pounce on him again. Get him drunk, hurt him, make him lose at gambling and the bunny goes crazier and crazier.

Long and short pooky is a great deal of fun and a must have for any Red Dragon Inn fan.

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Bang! The Bullet!

50 out of 106 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a game based on Game Theory, but even if you take that aside and just play it for what it is, its fantastic. Easy to learn comes with its own little legend to understand the symbols on the cards and after playing it once, you usually know all there is to know.
The theme of this game is constant and you feel like an old cowboy or girl when going up against the assembled sheriff, deputy, outlaws, and renegade of the town.

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