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The Perfect Heist - Board Game Box Shot

The Perfect Heist

| Published: 2013
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The Perfect Heist is a cooperative/competitive board game based on the heist movie genre. I designed it to capture the excitement and challenge of pulling together a handpicked crew of professionals to pull off epic heists. To win, you must convince your friends—those gunmen, con men, getaway drivers, and grizzled vets who are "getting too old for this"—to join your crew and take on increasingly more difficult jobs ranging from boosting cars to nicking top secret documents and biological weapons.

The Perfect Heist game components

But even as you need their expertise to chase the big scores and make a name for yourself, don't think for a second they're doing you any favors. They are trying to win, too! And they may double-cross you any chance they get to steal the loot for themselves. Only the most notorious mastermind can win.

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“Good for friends in College”

I really enjoy this game, in fact I play it once a month with my friends. But in all seriousness this game is best for kids in college, that is when it is the absolute most fun. For family set up it is a little heavy for people who are opposed to playing a board game in general, and often the weakest member of the family will be used as a stepping stone. In combination with even the player farthest behind will actually still play a huge part in this game it may get emotional for people who aren’t mature enough to handle it.


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