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“You don't have to play a card while gambling”

Let’s say you’ve been pulling into a Gambling game. If you’re like me, your first instinct will be to take control of the gambling round right away but this is definitely a mistake.

If another player initiate it, chances are he has more than one gambling card in his hand. Other players might have at least one card in their hand as well. Usually, I pass on the first round and let someone else play a gambling card, then original player takes control of the round again. So by passing, I kept my card which would have just been wasted anyway.

Depending on what the other players are doing, you may be able to pass a second or third time but be careful. The longer the gambling goes, the more likely the passes will go all around the table and you’ll lose.

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“Don`t make enemies too fast”

Beware what you do. If you for example let a maid take the pot on the table for a tip, you might make some nasty enemies. Then you can find yourself being played straight out of the game within a few rounds. There`s a time and a place to stap your opponents in the back!

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“Gambling, I'm out!”

When we first introduced this game to our gaming group, we played several games without using the gambling cards. If you drew some, then you just discarded them the next round and drew new cards like normal. This helped some of the more novice gamers learn the simple rules quickly, and also let everyone experience more cards from the different characters. We later went over how gambling works separately, and it was like adding an expansion to the game when it was then integrated back into gameplay.

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“Works great as a drinking game.”

Just follow the rules, drinks are drinks 🙂

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