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“Kickstarter Backers MKII Shipments: Check Your Cards”

Since people seem to be getting their Agents Return fulfilments and new MKII base sets and expansions (We received ours today) I thought I’d play messenger and pass this tip along from The Boy:

Check you cards!

There’s quite a bit of cardage to The Agents and apparently sometimes there is a hiccup or two.

There’s a card list here for the MK II shipments:

And in sorting make sure for Agent type cards you get a ‘black’ and ‘white’ version.

Apparently, during the first campaign – we got a dupe pair of agents and another set was double white. Today in sorting out a new base set from the reprints and checking the new items we discovered two sets of Temptress/No Undercover and a double black pair of Extractors.

According to The Boy – Saar is great on customer service and just shoot him a note: playtheagents (at) gmail (dot) com and he’ll rectify things post haste.

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“Pay the price for power”

Many cards will give you’r opponents points to give you some powerfull action and it might be tempting to not use the cards or even take the points yourself. Don’t be afraid to give away some points! Taking the actions could easily push you on the path to victory, the points will come later.

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