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“Common rules mistake”

I made this mistake, I saw countless facebook posts where this mistake was made, so I know it is happening for some a bit

Each round isn’t just every player takes 1-2 actions then the round ends. Each player takes 1-2 starting with the 1st player and going around, then if they want to do more they do so, this repeats until you do not want to take any more actions and therefor pass.

If you do not do this and make the mistake I made above, 1-2 actions per plyer once and round ends, you accumulate a plethora of cubes that end up having no use and it really slows the game down

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“Prioritize Money”

I think in the early phases you see all the cards that need energy and stuff like that, but spend the early turns getting more money, production. This includes steel and titanium. Without the income you just won’t be able to do much in later turns.

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