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“Federation Skills”

When playing as Federation with Picard as your Captain always take some photon torpedoes. You need a target lock to shoot them and after you fire the torpedoes they become disabled. Use you ship action to re-enable them and Picard’s free action to get another Target Lock. Then you can fire them every turn! Just remember that they are range 2-3 so try not to get too close. And don’t do any red maneuvers or you lose your two actions for that turn.

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“GF9 Mats Perfect”

For a play surface, Gale Force 9 makes 3×3 mats in various thematic patterns perfect for Attack Wing (or X-Wing by extension). They’re beautiful, with various star and nebula patterns, and improve play by gripping bases and measuring templates while you’re moving things around.

After trying felt and painted wood, these were a vast improvement.

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