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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Keep Enemy Engagement to a Minimum”

Damage from enemy ships accumulates quickly. It gets even worse when you have multiple enemies attacking at the same time. Try to deal with one opponent at time. Keep your distance from other hostile ships (make sure Helm understands and is capable of doing this) thus reducing the odds that they will join the fray. After your first target is destroyed then you can advance onto the next!

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“Make sure everyone knows all the roles”

We played this yesterday. Its important that everyone be at least familiar with all of the roles. There are multiple damage cards that force people to switch roles. I ended up being shields, sensors, engineer, and jump drive by the end of the game.

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Ok, I played this game once now and will reserve my opinion of it till I try it a few more times. It is composed of many familiar games, many of which have always frustrated me. So, I recommend letting everyone practice their game roles a few times before actual game play. A definite science fiction theme!

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