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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Play Skip-Bo cards last”

When you have a Skip-Bo card on the top of your stack, it is often better to play other cards from your hand or discard stacks first. This increases the odds that you can draw a new hand and continue playing. Also, play the Skip-Bo as a number that isn’t already visible on the center stacks, as it provides you more options for the next card you turn over.

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“Great Game to introduce to kids”

I grew up to this game, and I must say, what a great game to grow up with. As a kid I found it highly replayable, enjoyable and thrilling. I can understand how it could become tiresome for an adult to play a more dull game, but it is one of the early games I learnt that kept me coming back for more complex games now that I’m older.

I guess the tip here is, introduce young kids/relatives/friends to this game, get them to enjoy gaming, and you’ve just planted a lifelong seed.

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