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“The Fastball Special: Hero Turn Remix”

I will probably edit this if I get an ‘official’ ruling from The Greater Than Guys and bringing this up on the Tactics KS board seemed to get a Multiverse Hivemind equivalent of static round-the-table, but…

You don’t read a comic where Wolverine always does something in the first panel and then Cyclops in the second – the name of the game is Tactics after all. So why chain heroes to their initial turn order? Sometimes Bunker might want to go in first and sometimes there is mopping up (and light dusting) to do!

So I am experimenting with allowing Hero Reordering between rounds. It isn’t causing breakage and it seems to make things more tactical and even more co-oppy and social. 🙂

Here’s how it works:
1) During To Be Continued… you activate hazard spaces you occupy but don’t roll for new movement.

2)Blah blah blah everyone finishes and the collective round ends.

3) Before starting a new round – I’ve inserted a general phase called:
‘Previously On…’

a)Heroes can pow-wow and remix their Turn Order tokens between them if they choose
b)All players now roll for round movement (and your turn order is already set so a clunker movement roll will still screw you up! CURSES! ;))

Turn Order and Movement resolved – move into individual phases as before.

The Villains still get their set ‘breaker turns’ among the heroes as usual and it gives heroes a better chance to react to what happens from round to round rather than rigid turn cementing pre-scenario.

I mean…what good is a Tachyon in cement shoes? 😉

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